Curriculum Development Response

The traditionalist perspective in regards to curriculum development is most commonly used in Canada. I have experienced the tyler rationale in my own schooling and I feel that the majority of my schooling has been from a traditional curricular development approach. Following the 4 fundamental questions as stated in Smith’s (2000) and Curriculum Theory and Development;

1. What educational purposes should the school seek to attain?
2. What educational experiences can be provided that are likely to attain these purposes?
3. How can these educational experiences be effectively organized?
4. How can we determine whether these purposes are being attained?
(Tyler 1949, p1).

These questions focus on behavioural outcomes in students. My schooling was focused on learning set objectives through differents teachings, lessons which are taught in an organized way, and tests to evaluate whether or not I have learned the certain objectives that were desired.

Some of the limitations to the tyler rationale are that “ the plan or programme assumes great importance” (Smith, 2000, p.4). This takes away from the freedom of voice of students. Smith explains that “They are told what they must learn and how they will do it” (p.4). Also, there are limitations to the measurement of the learning objectives as personal judgement is ineffective and is more focused around indicators.

Some positives in Tyler’s rationale are the structure and organization. The questions can be used to provide clear educational outcomes, determine the different ways of instruction and set up a proper assessment of desired outcomes.

2 thoughts on “Curriculum Development Response

  1. I really enjoyed the last paragraph about the positives. I also agree with the Tyler Rationale being useful for maintaining structure. I think this is important to have in schools as well as it helps students become more stable adults who’re used to structure.


  2. Hi Nathan , I really enjoyed reading this blog and you had many of the similar things that I included in my blog such as some of the limitations like you mentioned the ” plan or programme assumes great importance” and it takes freedom away and voice and I agree with this because if you have a plan then don’t have options it will take away the student voice which is also what I mentioned in my blog. You have a great start to this blog and I hope to read more of your blogs.


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